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Swimming pool floaties do not count as biocide &ndash; A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on PowerShow. Composite Cooling Solutions (CCS) is a custom cooling tower solutions provider specializing in the design and construction of field-erected fiberglass (FRP) and concrete cooling towers for both crossflow or counterflow applications. Drift Losses 3. 4 Cooling Tower Graphical Results Read Content www. There are three types of losses in cooling tower. title: powerpoint presentation created date: 2/10/2004 7:26:13 pm document presentation format: on-screen show other titles: times arial default   Cooling tower, fill, materials, temperature control, air cooled condenser, heat sink , icing, algae, fouling. energyefficiencyasia. For this reason, all cooling towers should be treated with a dual biocide program that uses by fans into the cooling tower and up through the flow of falling water in the cooling tower. For inspection purposes only. Oct 9, 2015 Cooling Tower Inspections & maintenance- authorSTREAM Presentation. See the updated article: UPDATE: Cooling Tower Maintenance Checklist for NYC Following the Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak in New York City this past summer, there is a great deal of concern and uncertainty about what’s required for proper cooling tower maintenance. Hot water is pumped in from an outside source and sprayed into the tower. This can be achieved using carefully selected cooling tower water treatment chemicals. pdf), Text File (. Cold. Sulfur based biocides do not perform well in alkaline water. Here we explain in full detail how does a cooling tower work, cooling tower working principles with example text, pictures and diagrams. Cooling tower efficiency can be expressed as. coolingtowerinc. Chilled water. Cooling towers can be categorized in a number of different ways, because there are so many differences between cooling towers. For that reason, we have listed some of the industrial cooling towers manufacturers benefit. Utilization Not all cooling towers operate at full capacity year-round. Cooling Towers. Similar bacteria grew in warm waters in nature, such as hot springs, and also had been identified in air-conditioning cooling towers. In condenser towers, this can significantly reduce cooling efficiency In cooling towers scale can restrict flow prevent efficient cooling of the water before it goes  Evaporative Cooling and Cooling Towers. Note! - for a cooling tower based on evaporative cooling the maximum cooling tower efficiency is limited by the wet bulb temperature of the cooling air. com/docs/HVAC. In the common hyperbolic natural-draft cooling tower, buoyancy causes the air to rise through the tower’s tall chimney and exhaust to the atmosphere. 1st, 2016. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Departments may arrange with EH&S for personnel to receive documented training or may use another vendor for “Qualifying” personnel as long as the contents of this EI-LOTO Program are included in the training curriculum. R. Used for large heat duties 7 2012 CTM Operations Training Seminar Powerpoint Presentation. Types of cooling tower Natural Draught Cooling Tower Mechanical Draught Cooling Tower A. Cooling tower process is generally related with vapor Cooling Water Training Cooling Tower Water Problems & Solutions In this section we have broken down the Cooling Tower Water Problems & Solutions Webinar video that was presented by Puckorius & Associates last April 13, 2011. During the cooling mode, heat is extracted from the air by evaporating the refrigerant in the refrigerant-to-air heat exchanger. Tower Fill. HIRDE P. Right Click & Save Linked File . Cooling towers are simi-lar to evaporative condensers because they also utilize la-tent cooling through the process of evaporation. We have over 30 years experience in Repairing, Refurbishing and Servicing all types of cooling towers and can provide services on all cooling tower manufacturers. The pumping head determination procedure for the “open” tower piping loop differs from the conventional “closed” The major concern during I study the cooling tower theory was how to computerize the cooling tower theory from the calculation of NTU to the cooling tower performance analysis. There are multiple ways you can ensure that cooling towers are energy efficient. pdf. Cooling towers have 95% efficiency, losing only 5% of circulating water to evaporation. Water returning to cooling tower =  Thermodynamics of Industrial Cooling Towers. The term “induced draft” denotes that air is drawn by fans through the flow of falling water and up and out of the cooling tower. Water cooling towers and Legionella bacteria – Hazards and risks Cooling towers, because of their mode of operation, can create ideal conditions for microbial growth and they also deliberately require the creation of sprays and aerosols, which can be dispersed over a wide area if not controlled properly. Welcome to AmertechTowerServices, LLC Your Source for OEM Cooling Towers, Parts and Repair Services. Each course contains 5-12 lessons for a total of 250 detailed, job-relevant lessons. In some large systems, a cooling tower is used instead. org. This EuroMaTech Cooling Towers training course covers essential skills in operation and maintenance of cooling towers including normal operation and intermittent operation with start-ups and shutdowns. Cooling Towers <ul><li>This PowerPoint training session was  Key to a Cooling Tower – Evaporation. Mechanical Draft A fan induces airflow through a tower. Evaporation… Main Menu Main Menu. • Revision 2 of the Water Treatment Program Manual was issued in January 1997 in order to include Section I - Environmental Guideline. It reduces the cooling water demand in the power plant. These cooling towers are an extreme case in terms of size, but all function in the same way. Oct 24, 2016· COOLING TOWERS AND PONDS A condenser needs huge quantity of water to condense the steam Most plants use cooled cooling system where warm water coming from condenser is cooled and reused Cooling tower is a steel or concrete hyperbolic structure with the height of , 24/7 Online To ensure such cooling towers are correctly maintained and operate at optimum efficiency it is essential that the correct cooling water conditions are established and then maintained at all times. After isolating the bacteria, conditions at Hotel A were investigated to determine their connection with the onset of the illness. The performance of the cooling tower depends on various parameters like Range & Approach. Basin. After the water has been chilled, it is distributed via pumps, pipes, and valves (the distribution system) to the loads, where a heat exchanger—for example, a cooling coil in an air-handler—transfers heat from the air to the chilled water, which is returned to the chiller. Cooling Tower Efficiency. If you read this book carefully, you can make any cooling tower design programs by yourself. TPC Training Systems is authorized by IACET to offer 0. com required for direct cooling, allowing smaller auxiliaries such as cooling-tower fans, condenser water pumps, or condenser fans. The hot THIS CONTENT HAS BEEN REVISED as per the new NYC cooling tower legislation. One common design circulates cool water from a cooling tower sump through a water coil in the supply air stream. Evaporative condensers use both sensible and latent heat principles to reject heat. Standard or custom shapes can be used in construction of this type of tower. Static Height Not Considered for Pump Selection in Closed Loop . . Water to be cooled is distributed in the View This Document Cooling Tower Maintenance Legionella Awareness 4th Installment CTM/Ashland Presentations Legionella Awareness – 2003 Filtration of Cooling Waters – 2005 Legionella Risk Management – 2006 Legionella Proactive Protocol – 2008 Legionella Refresher -- 2011 Literature References Legionella Proactive Protocol 2008 Introduction/Refresher Systems that may Harbor Legionella and What to Do Risk Quaternary biocides neutralize most corrosion inhibitors. HVAC Systems: Overview Michael J. fire broke out in the cooling tower block of the The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "Hot Work Training" is the property of its rightful owner. Since the cooling towers are based on the principles of evaporative cooling, the maximum cooling tower efficiency depends on the wet bulb temperature of air Wet Bulb Wet bulb temperature is the lowest temperature that can be reached by the evaporation of water only It is determined by the atmospheric pressure, ambient Since the cooling towers are based on the principles of evaporative cooling, the maximum cooling tower efficiency depends on the wet bulb temperature of air Wet Bulb Wet bulb temperature is the lowest temperature that can be reached by the evaporation of water only It is determined by the atmospheric pressure, ambient Use this handy calculator to approximate cooling tower water use and cycles of concendtration. T. Induced Draught Cooling Tower Losses in cooling tower 1. 3 INDUCED-DRAFT TOWERS. ATS is your single source for cooling towers, cooling tower parts, repair, and maintenance services. Legionella Awareness – 2003; Filtration of Cooling Waters – 2005; Legionella Cooling towers; Evaporative condensers; Hot and cold water systems; Taps and   A Training Workshop for STASMO Cooling Water Problems and Solutions. Pumping energy can be reduced by increasing the chilled water temperature range; fan energy can be cut with colder air distribution. Main part of the cooling tower components. The basic operation is fairly simple. They reject process heat from the cooling water to atmosphere and keep the water cool. 1 UNEP 2006 Training Agenda: Cooling Towers. Chiu the owner and Mr. Flow-Friction Loss ∆h Closed Loop Piping Circuit. This slide deck is meant to   In January 1977, the Legionella bacterium was finally identified and isolated and was found to be breeding in the cooling tower of the hotel's air-conditioning  Water Hygiene Legionella Awareness Training: Cooling Towers. September  Cooling towers; Evaporative coolers (swamp coolers); Misters (produce, recreational); Decorative fountains; Spa pools, thermal pools, springs; Humidifiers  Open recirculating systems are open to the atmosphere at the tower. 51 killed. We will discuss three kinds of cooling towers in this TDP: natural, mechanical, and sensible-only cooling proc-ess to reject heat. CCS Custom Field-Erected FRP Cooling Towers, Concrete Cooling Towers, FM 4930 Approved Cooling Towers. A Cooling tower is an essential piece of equipment in many production facilities used to bring down the temperature of the water used in many different process so it can be used again. Quaternary biocides neutralize most corrosion inhibitors. the program. Cooling towers minimize the thermal pollution of natural water heat sinks and allow the reuse of circulating water. Pump . Blow down loss 2. Figure. FRP being light in weight, impellers made up of FRP reduces the power requirements of the fan. Introduction Types of cooling towers Assessment of cooling towers Energy efficiency opportunities. 2012 LAN Room & Wiring Closet Cooling Powerpoint Presentation to do away with the publication of a separate Water Treatment Training Program Manual, since the essential elements of the Training Manual are already covered in the Water Treatment Program Manual. ChemTreat is the knowledge leader in cooling water treatment. Specially designed for mechanical engineers. Evaporation loss 3. Drift eliminators are installed to prevent water entrained in the air from leaving the system. The pipe Fitter training course subject matter ranges from "Mathematics in the Plant" courses to advanced competencies like "Pump Installation and Maintenance. au 1. View and Download PowerPoint Presentations on Cooling Tower PPT. Lin, the factory manager, in supporting me to construct the cooling tower testing chamber. Open “Tower” System Pump Head Requirements. If you have a cooling tower or evaporative condenser, you should put in Maintenance Training. We are the oldest, full service fiberglass cooling tower manufacturer in business today. It is unrealistic to try to prevent entry of the organism into a cooling tower or to create an environment that entirely precludes its growth and multiplication. INTRODUCTION In India 65% of total power is generated by the Thermal Power Stations. 10 TCI Tower is provided with large pack and basin access doors to accommodate this cooling tower waters and has been associated with outbreaks of Legionnaire’s Cooling Tower Performance Analysis And Visible Air Plume I would like to thank all personnel in Ryowo, especially Mr. cthx. Remember, TRS can help with water saving designs and treatment systems. ppt), PDF File (. Water Treatment for Power Plant Cooling Towers: A supplement to the EPRI 2012 RFI for those unfamiliar with the power industry This slide deck is meant to serve as a brief guide through the resources available for the EPRI 2012 “Development of Innovative Water The towers themselves are enclosed, steady-flow devices for cooling water by evaporation through direct contact with air. The course describes basic cooling tower functions and operations, including the five elements considered in efficient cooling tower operation — air flow, water flow, mechanical systems, structural integrity, and water quality. Pictures from https://rfd- training. AHU I. E. - Cooling tower systems are the efficient source of income not just in India but all around the world. Strongwell is committed to growing this market with our standard and custom products, fabrication services and design expertise. Blow down valve. If your Water Management Plan calls for Legionella control strategies we have the tools and expertise to mitigate your facility’s risks. Plate. . If the coil develops a leak, then pumped cooling tower water will be injected directly into the supply air stream with potentially deleterious effects if the sump water is contaminated with Legionella. the range is the temperature drop across the tower Example from below data Water Treatment for Cooling Towers (1 of 2) Water treatment helps ensure that heat-transfer surfaces perform to design specifications By Amanda Meitz, Senior Microbiologist, Nalco Diversified Technologies, Inc. All “Qualified” persons must have documented training on this EI-LOTO Program. cooled condensers typically use an evaporative cooling tower. See the more detailed explanation of Cooling Towers systems, diagrams, pictures and principles below Table Of Contents What Is A Cooling Tower How Do Cooling Towers Work […] PROGRAMME SUMMARY. Chilled-water systems with air-cooled chillers typically have lower in-stalled and maintenance costs than water-cooled because a condenser water system using a cooling tower is not required. When one thinks of cooling towers, the large towers associated with nuclear power plants probably come to mind. Safety First Cooling towers are designed to expose the maximum transient water surface to the maximum air flow . Cooling Tower  Cooling tower ppt. Training Overview. The Series . 1. com - id: 400130-YjU2Y densers and Cooling Towers. Review a full course list for Refrigeration Technician CHAPTER 39 COOLING TOWERS - Sustainable Solutions CHAPTER 39 COOLING TOWERS MOST air-conditioning systems and industrial processes generate heat that must be removed and dissipated. 3. University of Colorado Boulder, CO, USA Overview System Description Secondary HVAC Systems Air distribution Room diffusers and air terminals Duct Design Fan characteristics Air Handling Units Water distribution Cooling coils Pipes and pumps Primary HVAC Systems Electric chillers Cooling towers minimize the thermal pollution of natural water heat sinks and allow the reuse of circulating water. ASHRAE Standard 188 must be in effect by March. O&M Manual For Series TCI Towers - The Cooling Tower Company Media is the most practical way to monitor water treatment effectiveness. 2 UNEP 2006 Introduction Main Features of Cooling Towers (Pacific Northwest National CT/HX is a specialty contractor founded in 1986 and dedicated to providing quality service to enhance the performance of Cooling Towers and Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers. Cooling Tower plays a major role in Chemical Process Industry. A PC is used to evaluate the results of the experiments. C. A new bacteria that had caused this disease was discovered. Some people have cooling towers in their industry but have not idea about how to utilize its functionalities. PA Training for Health & Safety (PATHS). 1 Introduction 1 WL 320 WET COOLING TOWER 08/2012 Handbook of Industrial Water Treatment; Introduction. If the drying rate of 6 m3 of red oak lumber is 4 kg/hour, determine the kW of refrigeration required. A cooling tower cools water by a combination of heat and mass transfer. Cooling towers tends to be corrosive since it always has direct contact with the water. Once you Energy Efficiency of Chilled Water Systems and Cooling Towers. PATIL, K. All cooling towers are designed to remove waste heat from water and transfer it to the atmosphere, but there are a lot of ways to accomplish this task. Tower. 7. AHU II. Those at Cooling tower technology - In all of the air conditioning systems we've described so far, air is used to dissipate heat from the compressor coils. Typical system. Cooling tower capacities at commercial or industrial facilities may range from as few as 50 tons to 1,000 tons or more. 170 feet above  Water Treatment for Power Plant Cooling. tac. Mechanical. Cooling Tower fans are normally made from Aluminum, Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), Glass fiber and hot-dipped galvanized steel are commonly used as fan materials. txt) or view presentation slides online. com Cooling Tower Systems has manufactured cooling tower lines and related equipment for over 40 years, with five different models in production- one to meet every need for businesses of all sizes. Condenser. Cooling towers-oke. sensible-only cooling proc-ess to reject heat. Our field engineers average 16 years of experience with industrial water cooling, providing our customers with the highest level of expertise and service available. ▫ Scale Cooling Tower Process. By: Shane Saunders. All of the required measured values are acquired by sensors and shown on digital displays. The WL 320 Wet Cooling Tower is intended to demonstrate the qualitative and quantitative func-tioning and characteristic variables of a cooling tower. Air Conditioning Clinic TRC001GB. The use of FRP in the cooling tower market is growing fast. Find PowerPoint Presentations and Slides using the power of XPowerPoint. cooling tower system-level controller VAV terminal, diffusers hot-water boiler, pumps Cooling towers are rated in terms of cooling tower approach and cooling tower range, where the approach is the difference in temperature between the cooled-water temperature and the air wet bulb – twb – temperature. μ = (t i - t o) 100 / (t i-t wb) (1) where What is a Building Management System? • BMS systems are “Intelligent” microprocessor based controller networks installed to monitor and control a buildings technical systems and services New Cooling Towers, Parts Supply, Repairs & Maintenance. Keeping your cooling tower in good shape requires more than just the annual inspection before startup. Chapter 01- Water Sources, Impurities in Water and Chemistry; Chapter 02 - Environmental Considerations; Chapter 03 - Applying Quality Methods to Water Treatment; External Treatment; Boiler Water Systems; Cooling Water Systems; Chemical Feed and Control; Wastewater and Gas Cleaning Systems Nalco Water is the independent water safety specialists disinfecting over 1 billion gallons of potable water annually. Description. Types of Cooling Tower/Systems. PURPOSE: The purpose of this test procedure is to describe instrumentation and procedures for testing and performance The cooling system may consist of a cooling tower, evaporative condenser or other cooling element, the re-circulating pipe work, the heat exchanger, pumps and ancillary items such as supply tanks and pre-treatment equipment. Brandemuehl, Ph. COOLING TOWER PERFORMANCE TESTING PROCEDURE SCOPE: Acceptance test procedure shall cover the determination of thermal capability and Verification of all guarantee of the cooling tower (s) supplied for the project. Other training publications as well as the Bell & Gossett design tools described in this booklet including the System Syzer Cooling Tower Efficiency Calculations Cooling Tower Efficiency Calculation is described in this article. Again, this will be a first issue releasing the actual engineering approach Cooling Tower Cleanings and Proper Water Treatment. com, find free presentations research about Cooling Tower PPT This moist air buoyancy produces an airflow through the tower. Example from below data Approach 85 – 80 = 5 F. Subpart Q-Concrete & Masonry Cooling Tower, St. The information on the slides is the minimum information that should be explained. Custom Solutions for Unique Cooling Systems. spxcooling. Forced Draught Cooling Tower B. Cooling. Evaporation. 1. The reversing valve is energized for cooling. Pump Station. Natural- Document Viewer HVAC&R: Cooling Towers - Maintenance & Troubleshooting is part six of the HVAC&R seven-part training series. PPT-118-01. Cooling Tower Pumping and Piping. What Does A Cooling Tower Do? Cooling Towers are used to transfer heat from cooling  Dec 25, 2011 UNEP 2006 Training Agenda: Cooling Towers Introduction Types of cooling . I. Drift loss Draw off or Blowdown As the cooling water circulates the cooling tower part of water evaporates thereby increasing the total dissolved solids in www. 3. Some theories are needed to be understood before an engineer start to sizing a cooling tower. Stick to a regular maintenance schedule to reduce the risk of Legionella and prevent premature failure, recommends Dan Glover, technical services group manager for Southland Industries, a national Boiler Blowdown Training PPT--Cooling Tower Equipment Preventative Maintenance--Cooling Tower Training--Go Green PPT--Megaton Selling Points--Why Automate-- The Concept of Indirect Evaporative cooling Dr. This course is designed The course is theoretical and delivered by PowerPoint presentation. As the universal solvent, water is capable of dissolving a variety of materials as well as holding ICS has the knowledge and engineering expertise to design, build, repair, upgrade or provide cooling tower parts for geothermal cooling towers worldwide. Most cooling towers are likely to become contaminated with Legionella at some point in their serviceable life. Larger facilities may be equipped with multiple cooling towers. com • Training ½ day Please Note As we assume the cooling tower water treatment plant is being located within the main plant room for the NOX DI plant, we would utilise the backwash tank and pumps provided for the NOx pre-treatment to backwash the cooling tower GAC filter. Search Search TPC's recommended Pipe Fitter course curriculum for includes 31 technical skills courses. Fundamentals. Facts The flow rate through a cooling tower in a typical 700 MW power plant is about 315,000 gal/min. Note that only the water leaves the cooling tower Cooling Tower Basics Common Applications Power Plant Steam  Feb 6, 2018 Cooling towers are an essential component of every building. Because of these assumptions, the Merkel method does not accurately represent the physics of heat and mass transfer process in the cooling tower fill. G. Distribution Deck. Towers: A supplement to the EPRI 2012 RFI for those unfamiliar with the power industry. , BADNERA Abstract -- The environmental impact associated to the use of energy from conventional fossil origin, the energetic and economic dependency on non-renewable sources, lead to the necessity of reducing the energy consumption, devices Noncontact cooling water Backwash water Cooling tower bleed off Boilers Off spec/out of date returned Cafeteria/breakroom product or raw material Contact cooling water Pump sealant water Equipment washdown Remediated groundwater Fleet maintenance Storm water In-product Tank bottoms Thermal power plant ppt - SlideShare. The likelihood of legionella infection can be significantly reduced by good engineering and water treatment practices in the installation, operation and maintenance of air and water handling systems. The major concern during I study the cooling tower theory was how to computerize the cooling tower theory from the calculation of NTU to the cooling tower performance analysis. new PowerPoint Templates · PowerPoint Presentation Transcript  Jul 16, 2013 To register for a training, look for it by date and title. Cooling Towers and Air  Open or Once Through It is used when there is a large source of water available. We will discuss three kinds of cooling towers in this TDP: natural, mechanical, and Training Agenda: Cooling Towers. Again, this will be a first issue releasing the actual engineering approach The following is a directory of cooling tower models currently certified under STD-201. Cooling tower fan blades pitch angle is The HVAC market is the primarily user of these types of towers. And requires that a Water Safety Plan based on. Cooling towers are used in water-cooled refrigeration, industrial process systems and commercial HVAC air-conditioning. ppt - Download as Powerpoint Presentation (. 6 UNEP 2006 Types of Cooling Towers Natural Draft Cooling Towers Hot air moves through tower Fresh cool air is drawn into the tower from bottom No fan required Concrete tower <200 m. Cooling Tower Maintenance Legionella Awareness 4th Installment CTM/Ashland Presentations Legionella Awareness – 2003 Filtration of Cooling Waters – 2005 Legionella Risk Management – 2006 Legionella Proactive Protocol – 2008 Legionella Refresher -- 2011 Literature References Legionella Proactive Protocol 2008 Introduction/Refresher Systems that may Harbor Legionella and What to Do Risk Cooling Towers, Part 1: Siting, Selecting And Sizing Cooling towers may have a natural-draft or mechanical-draft system. They are part of product lines offered by far-sighted cooling tower companies who are committed to the manufacture and installation of full-performance towers. com - id: f72e2-ZDc1Z Cooling Tower Process Tower Basin Distribution Deck Basin Tower Fill Induced Draft Fan Recirc Pump Return Water Supply Water A tower cools water by evaporation by drawing high volume air across the water surface, which transfers heat to the atmosphere. M. Proper material selection or additional water treatment is then needed to keep the cooling tower safe. " TPC's recommended Pipe Fitter course curriculum for includes 31 technical skills courses. disinfection and registration of cooling towers. - river , ocean. 5 CEUs for this program. Cost and efficiency are the important factors when considering air or water-cooled chillers. 2003 . This article focuses on the former. As the water flows over the tower, heat picked up by the process is released by evaporation. " Cooling and dehumidifying: Example 9 Moist air at 50°C dry bulb temperature and 32% relative humidity enters the cooling coil of a dehumidification kiln heat pump system and is cooled to a temperature of 18°C. Evaporation Losses 2. Mary's West Virginia, 1978. μ = (t i - t o) 100 / (t i-t wb) (1) where We are turning the cooling tower water treatment industry upside down with a highly effective solid chemistry feed system that is simple, safe and environmentally friendly – it is an elegant solution to a complex problem and it may just be the best way to treat a cooling tower. Supporting Material. Completed Training • Will a cooling tower be needed? HESNI - Cooling Contingency Planning. AHU III. 3 8. ” . ppt - Download as Powerpoint Presentation (. A simple way to appreciate how a cooling tower works is to consider the “beach effect. Main Menu. – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on PowerShow. Storage systems can also make in - creased use of heat recovery and wa - Cooling India, established in 2004, is the monthly newsmagazine on the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) industry. Please update the following information as it applies to your tower needs: Cooling towers are devices used to transfer heat or cool water for reuse. ppt [Compatibility Mode] Author: ts13b335 New Cooling Towers, Parts Supply, Repairs & Maintenance. Cooling Tower Basics and Common Misconceptions Introduction In comparison with most other industrial equipments, the water cooling tower is a simple device, based on the direct contact of two of the earth’s most common substances: air and water; yet a Cooling Towers Presentation from the Energy Efficiency Guide for Industry in Asia www. Cooling Towers[1] - Download as Powerpoint Presentation (. With respect to cooling, no longer are plants being built with once-through cooling systems but rather the choice is either a cooling tower or air-cooled condenser. PPT© American Standard Inc. Cooling Mode In the cooling mode, the WSHP unit’s refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger acts as a condenser and its refrigerant-to-air heat exchanger acts as an evaporator. The tower creates a stream of cold water that runs through a heat exchanger, cooling the hot condenser coils. &R. D, P. com - id: f72e2-ZDc1Z Condensers and Cooling Towers is available in Online Maintenance Training and course manual formats. Oct 26, 2016 Most, if not all, industrial cooling towers require some kind of cooling tower water treatment system This article breaks down the basics below:  Cooling Loop. | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view TO THE TRAINER This PowerPoint presentation can be used to train people about the basics of cooling towers. Therefore, it may be necessary to determine the utilization profile of your system. Our geothermal power experience enables us to engineer quality counterflow and crossflow towers that offer operational efficiencies and durability in harsh H2S environments. cooling tower training ppt

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